An Inspirational Gift

A gift, given to me by my husband 4 years ago started a journey I never expected or planned to happen. A sewing machine and overlocker re-ignited my passion for fabric, texture and colour. In the small hours of the morning when sleep refused to take me, I began to sew, and sew and sew. Sewing with intuition rather than skill I listened to the fabric and let my hands, rather than my head guide me. 

Four years on I have taken the plunge, diving into the hopeful unknown as I now share my creating and creations with you and others. I experience vicarious happiness with those who purchase my creations and like to hear the stories of where my items may travel. The gift has given me a creative voice and I plan to shout!

In 2010 I was invited to participate in the Stretch Festival a local arts event. My stall generated great interest and I was heartened and grateful for the opportunity to share my work, including the participation in a fashion parade "Role Models" (the photos above and below are my garments being paraded).

This year I have again been asked to feature and sell my creations in the Stretch Festival as an "Emerging Designer" and in addition, to create an item of wearable art for a Common Threads event. You can watch my progress on this blog - perhaps even make suggestions as I go along.

My Etsy shop will also allow you to purchase my creations on line.

 I am equally happy hearing stories from others about how they too took the plunge and followed their passion.