Stretch Art Trail

I have thrown my hat in the ring so to speak....again and will be part of the Stretch Art Trail launched this Sunday.  It is a great event that supports local artists and local businesses at the same time.  I am lucky to have my work showcased at Terrace Art Framers in the Smart Street Mall along with Jean and June Pastore and Emma Blyth.  You can walk the Art Trail from this Sunday.  Maps are available in Terrace Art Framers.

To celebrate we are holding a meet the artist event on Thursday 24 April and guess what you're invited.  Below is the invitation we are serving light refreshments and would love you to come and share in this event. 

Meet the Artist A5 Invitation - D Fisher_E Blyth_J&J Pastore (2)

Sneak Peek


I stitch everywhere – Rottnest Island

Only 20 kilometers off the coast of Western Australia is idyllic Rottnest Island.  With clear waters, beautiful landscape and interesting history it made the perfect spot to enjoy a week of Autumn sunshine.
IMG_0396 (2) IMG_0415 (2)
IMG_0367 (2) IMG_0399 (2)
IMG_0410 (2) IMG_0385 (2)
IMG_0382 (2) IMG_0413 (2)

Smart Street Parties

I am busy preparing for the Smart Street Party this Friday 4th April from 5.00 pm. As the weather turns cooler I am adding to my stash of silk scarves. I like to think I have all colour preferences covered. Here are some I have worked on today.
IMG_0436 (2) IMG_0440 (2) IMG_0438 (2)

Bird image by Design seed.

Paris Inspiration

IMG_0353 (2)


It is no secret I adore Paris. We spent 17 amazing days based in an apartment in the Marais. Each day was filled with long walks interspersed with stops to browse through magical shops, visit galleries, sip coffee & wine and eat truly delicious food. I hope to do it again.  I am sure these experiences subconsciously influence my designs.  So it is thrilling to know this design is heading to Paris as a gift.  It is like a little bit of me will be there.

IMG_0342 (2)IMG_0347 (2)IMG_0361 (2)
IMG_0331 (2)IMG_0338 (2)IMG_0333 (2)IMG_0348 (2)

The images uses to showcase my designs are from a book by Janelle McCulloch “Paris. A guide to the city’s creative heart” I devoured the content prior to visiting Paris and it was a valuable guide to less well known nooks and crannies.


I stitch everywhere - Me and Mrs Jones

Following the southern coastline from Esperance to home we paused for refreshments in the beautiful village of Denmark. David was in need of food and I had a craving for something sweet.  Mrs Jones Cafe was a quaint little cafe serving delicious food.  I can recommend it.

IMG_0295 (2) IMG_0307 (2)
IMG_0308 (2) IMG_0304 (2)
IMG_0311 (2)

Inspiration comes from everywhere.  I love flowers and hope one day I will live in an environment where I can have hydrangeas and tumbling roses.

Glorious corduroy

I love corduroy, so it was only a matter of time before it crept into my designs.  This week I have 5 new bags to sell at the Smart Street Parties Friday 7th March 2014.

On Sale at Smart Street Parties P1140249 (2)

I stitch everywhere

During my recent journey down south we explored the stunningly beautiful Esperance region.  It was here my good friend Alex volunteered to model my designs so I could have some images of my latest work. I hope you agree the landscape, model and design is pretty good.


Stitching on the shores of pristine waters of  many of the beautiful bays around Esperance and the Le Grand National Park

Even the wildlife was happy to see my designs.
P1130750 (480x640) P1130792
esp16 esp 6
P1140029 P1130763
P1130819P1130845 P1130890P1130870

I stitch everywhere

It’s true I stitch everywhere, so have decided to share where I take my needle and thread and what I create. Nature is a prime influence on my design sensibility.  Bought up in the forest of south west Australia instilled in me a real appreciation of nature. I feel energised amongst the trees, on the beach and in wide open spaces. In Australia we have this in bucket loads. Over the next week I will post photos of my latest journey south to Esperance and back along the track between Cape Lewin and Cape Naturalist. I am interested in where other people stitch and would love to hear your story.

Our first stop was and ENERGETIC climb up the highest mountain in the south west (tiny by European standards). Before descending the peak of Bluff Knoll I sat and stitched a few components of a necklace that featured in a photo shoot a few days later.


P1130654 P1130696
P1130703 P1130651P1130648
P1130724 P1130739
esp 1 P1130707

Back in Australia

I returned from 5 months travelling through Europe and took quite some time to settle.  I never know what inspiration I have gathered along the way or what I will create as a result or my travelling, looking, touching and dreaming.

By coincidence I arrived in Milan in the midst of Fashion Week.  What amazing unplanned timing.  I loved it.