A Common Thread

Finally finished my wearable art submission – just as well it is due today at 4.00pm.  It has been a mammoth task.


I just tried using the techniques I use in my Lulu Tissu range but it is a fantasy piece.  I need to name it!!!

The fascinator didn’t work.  It was too heavy so I attached it to the back of the garment to make a kind of bustle.

An Exhibition and Market Stall

Some of my work will be featured in an exhibition at the opening event of the Stretch Festival on Friday 6th May.  It will compliment the wearable art event.  Every spare moment I am sewing, sewing and sewing
The velvety roses on my berets.....  Similar roses appear on my brooches and smaller ones on my shoe clips

I’ve also developed an addiction for another sewing technique – no idea what it is called. I call it mosaicing. It features on my skirts, jackets and almost everything. It ‘s time consuming but I love the affect – textural and sculptural

The scarves are different this year – longer.  I have created a new style of scarf too, seen in the second photo worn with my renovated jacket.
My market stall at the festival last year is where I met many of you.  I will be there again this year, inside the Mandurah Performing Arts Complex on Saturday 7th May and Sunday 8th May.  I hope you visit to say hello and  look at what I have been doing .  If you know anyone who you think may be interested in my work, please pass this on.

Being Stretched

The Stretch Festival is looming. I am busy working on my wearable art submission for Common Threads. Finding time is
hard. I’ve dyed the calico – it turned out a charcoal colour.
Hopefully the fascinator I am designing would make Isabella Bloom proud, although I am having trouble with the flowers.
dy P1070535
                       Dyed Calico                                                    The Process Begins

P1070537 P1070546
                        Taking Shape                      The Concept Develops

Work in Progress

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