Pinjarra Festival

See me this weekend at the Pinjarra Festival 4th and 5th June……

Rain Hail or shine

When art, words and fashion come together

Last night was cause for much celebration as the long awaited launch of INQB8 contemporary art and exhibition space in Mandurah took place. An enthusiastic gathering shared the delights of works of a diverse group of local artists.
I was moved by a collaborative work: Bush Journal –drawings, sounds and words by artist Carolyn Marks and poet Annamaria Weldon. Some things just resonate with your soul. Intangible but strong.
Welding my camera to take photos of Carolyn who was looking stunning in an outfit from my range, I was taken aback when looking through the lens I was struck by the symmetry of the lines in my stitching and the lines in her delicate charcoal sketches. Perhaps coincidence…or not.
The work by  Carolyn and Annamaria is truly inspirational.  A must see exhibition: Saturday May 28th to Sunday 26th June (Wednesdays to Sundays, 12 noon to 4pm, with 6pm later closing on Thursdays only).
Take a peek at Annamaria’s web site to read more of her wonderful poetry and passion for nature.
All photos where taken and published with permission from Carolyn Marks, Annamaria Weldon and Jane Tilson.
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Stall Number 41 at the 2011 Pinjarra Festival

On Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th June you will find me at the  Pinjarra Festival showing my wares at stall number 41.

P1070293Like always love to
see familiar faces and meet new ones. 
Pop in to say hello.

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Through the world’s eyes

I have been reminiscing about our travels through London, France, Italy and Morocco and wondered what I took away from the experience.  People asked me if I came away with lots of ideas. At the time I didn’t think I did and I concluded the world is a small place with the internet and other media making for a  homogenised  world.  However, looking back through my photos I see the things I have taken the time to photograph which may actually reveal how the seeds of my current work were planted.






     A lovely hat shop in Bordeaux


A vintage shop in Bordeaux used old hats to create a chandelier





No this is not a hat but a convenient place to wear my scarf when it got too hot on the beach in France



In Florence I met a milliner working on the most glorious designs



P1060501 P1040735 P1060312
P1070636 (480x640)

Is this the end result of subconscious influence???

My Creative Space

Last week was my first posting on Our Creative Spaces.  It’s amazing  there is a universal network of people who have a passion to share their creative inventiveness.  Thank you to everyone who took a peek at my work and to the comment I received.  I look forward to more chats with people all over the world.

P1080069 P1080073


 I have almost every colour under the rainbow….

Putting the colours together is a creative pleasure.

Unfortunately I am not an expert photographer and the scarves look better than I can photograph them

This week I have been very distracted by a family commitment which has left me zapped of energy.Small moments at the end of the day to do some work in my studio is a pleasing experience.  Apart from the 63 new berets I have to embellish I found some time today to make a claret silk scarf.   As I prepare for the local Pinjarra Fair I am making sure I have a great range of different colours.

My Creative Space



Tucked away in my stash of fabric, I found some brown flannel.  It was perfect for an idea that has been percolating since I was given a suggestion for a scarf at the Stretch Festival. While it does not resemble the suggestion it sparked the idea.




There are a couple of ways to wear it.

I quite like the velvet rose brooch



I will create these by order only.  I have a lovely ruby coloured flannel which I am eager to try.

To purchase a beret please email me and include the beret number you have chosen and we can discuss postage cost and payment method.

Beret No 1.

Eggplant 100% Wool Beret
Dusky pink velvet rose, black feather and silk leaves.

Flat size (circle) 27 – 28cm

Price: AU$25 plus postage.
P1070917 P1080042
Beret No 2

Red 100% Wool Beret
Grey velvet rose, charcoal feather and silk leaves.

Flat size (circle) 27 – 28cm

Price: AU$25 plus postage.
P1070924 P1070926
Beret No 3

Camel 100% Wool Beret
Chocolate  velvet rose and silk leaves.

Flat size (circle) 27 – 28cm

Price: AU$25 plus postage.
P1070918 P1080047
Beret No 4

Red 100% Wool Beret
Red  velvet rose and silk leaves.

Flat size (circle) 27 – 28cm

Price: AU$25 plus postage.
P1070927 P1080050
Beret No 6

Marle Grey 100% Wool Beret
Burgundy velvet rose, grey feather and silk leaves.

Flat size (circle) 27 – 28cm

Price: AU$25 plus postage.
P1070931 P1080039
Beret No 7

Powder Blue 100% Wool Beret
Ink blue velvet rose and silk leaves.

Flat size (circle) 27 – 28cm

Price: AU$25 plus postage.
P1070932 P1080043
Beret No 8

Cerise 100% Wool Beret
Grey velvet rose and silk leaves.

Flat size (circle) 27 – 28cm

Price: AU$25 plus postage.
P1070933 P1070934
P1070910 P1070874 P1070899

If you would like a particular colour combination please make a request via email.
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