Common Threads- Wind in Motion Wearable Art Event

The wearable art parade at the Stretch Festival was an amazing success, thanks to all the contestants, judges, MC and volunteers who assisted with the organisation and management of the parade. 

P1110416 P1110207 P1110210


The winner of the Couture Category




The winner of the Headdress Category

P1110254 P1110429

The winner of the Trash to Flash Category

P1110295 P1110300

The winner of the Fantasy Category and overall winner

P1110447 P1110351



The winner of under18 Category


P1110405 P1110407
P1110409 P1110411
P1110417 P1110423
P1110424 P1110433
P1110436 P1110437
P1110442 P1110444
P1110260 P1110403



Wearable Art Competition

The last few months has been busy with  planning, organising and managing the wearable art competition Common threads – Wind in the Motion which is an event in the Stretch Festival, Mandurah's arts and culture festival. On Sunday we held the judging.  WOW!  What an amazing effort the contestants have gone to.  Here is a sneak peek and I will post more photos next week after the winners have been announced.


P1110152 P1110176
P1110225 P1110258
P1110281 P1110305
P1110342 P1110195


Come back next week when I will reveal more of the entries.