My Creative Space

Last week was my first posting on Our Creative Spaces.  It’s amazing  there is a universal network of people who have a passion to share their creative inventiveness.  Thank you to everyone who took a peek at my work and to the comment I received.  I look forward to more chats with people all over the world.

P1080069 P1080073


 I have almost every colour under the rainbow….

Putting the colours together is a creative pleasure.

Unfortunately I am not an expert photographer and the scarves look better than I can photograph them

This week I have been very distracted by a family commitment which has left me zapped of energy.Small moments at the end of the day to do some work in my studio is a pleasing experience.  Apart from the 63 new berets I have to embellish I found some time today to make a claret silk scarf.   As I prepare for the local Pinjarra Fair I am making sure I have a great range of different colours.


  1. Wow!! I love your scarves. The colours are lovely and the texture particularly is wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thank you although I have now made over a hundred I still enjoy it. I hope to add them to my shop.

  3. Oh lovely colours and textures! Great work - it's nice when your inspiration all comes together

  4. wonderful textured scarfs! happy creating!

  5. what a delight, scrumptious colours, textures and arrangements!

  6. Your scarves look amazing! They look like you have put quite a bit of thought, time and effort into making them. Beautiful.

  7. Your scarf is like a cross between a scarf (obviously) and jewellery.