Wandering through India

No, I haven’t disappeared into the moving masses of an Indian fabric bazaar. Not that it would be impossible or for that matter completely unpleasant. Instead my absence from blogging has been curtailed by an almost complete lack of access to internet. So, now I am sitting in a bale overlooking undulating rice paddies in Bali I will try, without too much detail to fill in the gaps.

While staying on a remote farm somewhere between Cochin and Allepelay we  spent hours being paddled down the calm  backwaters, invited to watch a concert performed by children from a nearby village and welcomed by  children screaming “hello, what is your name” from the coconut tree lined banks.

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Spent time watching life go slowly by while cruising on a restored rice barge.

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Relaxed on the cliffs of Varkala, eating amazing food.

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High in the mountains overlooking tea plantations we shared tea, by invitation from the Director, with Bollywood stars.

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P1080851 P1080895 P1080874 P1080936

Flew to Jaipur and got pulled along by the millions of people plying and buying wares in the bazaars.

Visited forts and palaces.

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P1090006 P1090007 P1090161 P1090046

Spent a wonderful day in Pushka with Fiona from Creative Arts Safaris visiting fabric dyers, her home, factory and eating a fabulous meal prepared by the tailor’s wives

P1090214 P1090216 P1090208 P1090157

Udaipur was everything we imagined India to be.

Resting serenely on the banks of a lake and the chosen location for 007’s movie Octopussy ; shown nightly in most guest houses.

P1090226 P1090245 P1090234
P1090237 P1090273 P1090343 P1090271

Final destination – Mumbai and my last chance to buy more fabric.

What a wonderful surprise.  The streets were clean, well cleanish, wide tree lined streets   and heritage buildings that reminded me of England.


Not to be deterred my bags are stuffed with silk organza, silk chiffon, raw silk, a couple of sarees and linen.

I have a lot of ideas that will hopefully translate into new design concepts.  

P1090030 P1090173 P1090366

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