Paris Inspiration

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It is no secret I adore Paris. We spent 17 amazing days based in an apartment in the Marais. Each day was filled with long walks interspersed with stops to browse through magical shops, visit galleries, sip coffee & wine and eat truly delicious food. I hope to do it again.  I am sure these experiences subconsciously influence my designs.  So it is thrilling to know this design is heading to Paris as a gift.  It is like a little bit of me will be there.

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IMG_0331 (2)IMG_0338 (2)IMG_0333 (2)IMG_0348 (2)

The images uses to showcase my designs are from a book by Janelle McCulloch “Paris. A guide to the city’s creative heart” I devoured the content prior to visiting Paris and it was a valuable guide to less well known nooks and crannies.


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