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This week I’ve had a bit of a run on skirts .  I love skirts. The mosaic skirts are made from linen with hand stitching as a feature.  The rust skirt is made from Chinese silk  gathered during my travels in Bali.


P1090911 P1090912
P1090916 P1090914
P1090921 P1090925
P1090932 P1090935

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  1. Gorgeous! I really like the top two. I had to guess a little at what you had written since firefox (atleast I THINK that's the reason) won't let me view your entire screen.

  2. They are beautiful - but the rust silk one is glorious!!!!!
    X Moira

  3. These are gorgeous... puts me in mind of some fabric I bought this weekend from Fabulous Fabrics on Murray in Perth... it is a sheer knit mesh with scraps of knit fabric caught in place all over it.. hard to describe so I shall say it's just like picture 4 without the overstitching.

    Love your blog, and hello from Canning Vale :)