Vicarious Travel

Most of the fabric I use I have collected while travelling.  Brocade from Marrakesh become bags, linen from Udaipur become mosaic skirts,  upholstery fabric from Tuscany finds its way into garments, silk from Singapore; scarves.  So when I create  these things I relive the pleasure of the souks, the  open air markets and narrow back streets. Revisiting the  tastes, sights, smells and hum of the people. I become attached to what I create and sometimes feel sad when it leaves me. Meeting the person who buys it makes it easier and many of my clients purchase things to take on their travels.  So in some strange way I get to vicariously experience their travel as I imagine my skirts under the Eiffel Tower, a scarf in Africa and a wrap in the snow fields of America.  I always ask for photos and some do.  I even thought of starting a Lulu Tissu photo challenge where my clients can send me a photo of them wearing one of my creations in an iconic location.  I could offer a prize for the best photo….. something to think about.


IMGP1638 IMGP1623









Take up the challenge send me your photos wearing Lulu Tissu


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